Microservices in .NET core

I am very excited about the future of the web apps that have emerged and scaling them further.  As companies move towards mobile, companies like Google and AWS will have a much higher payment for their services.  For even the most ground-level companies, a lot of work goes into mobile applications.  My plan is to build projects in both Meteor and React so that I can work seamlessly without having to use legacy libraries, making experience more consistent, and making it easier, faster and cheaper for me to build and maintain innovative, robust web apps.  This workflow  continues to evolve right alongside the workflow of my living system, but so far it’s working very well for me.  I started this journey around 3 years ago, so forth goes what Sm Protiv uses to run angry eyes .  Since then, I have built based on my love of Lisp and poking around a bit in Riot and Elm .  I have grown out of React and grew used to Meteor, more so than back in the day, but I’m still involved in experimenting with Web Kit applications.

Roland Kamsika

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